Peter C Christie

Fremantle, Western Australia

Peter C Christie

Full-Time Management Consultant | Part-Time Footy Tragic | Hobbyist Developer

👋 Hello and welcome!

I'm currently learning Full Stack Software Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript). This is my first crack at a Portfolio Website. It's taken me about 12 hours! It will be better one day but but this is about the limits of my ability at this stage.

➤ If you want to see what I do during the week, you can download my CV.

➤ If you want to see what I do during my spare time, have a look at my projects.

➤ Or check out some things I've written along the way.

Download my CV

I'm still polishing up my CV, so there's nothing behind the link above, but I'll upload my CV above if you want to see how I've spent most of the last few years at work.


I haven't finished any projects yet, but I will make them available here when I do.


All my hobby writings are hosted on my Medium account. I may start publishing here sometime if I end up writing more often.

I'm pretty proud of my last piece of writing: "How's It Going To End?" A Mantra To Live By.